A few years ago, Sénuvo Founder Bryan Davis was invited to attend an event with ambassadors from around the world. During lunch, he sat by the Ambassador of Cambodia. During casual conversation, the Ambassador confronted Bryan, “Why did you bomb my country?” Bryan was completely surprised. As the conversation progressed, Bryan learned that during the Vietnam War, U.S. Troops dropped landmines all along the border to defeat the enemy. The landmines were dropped from the air, extending miles and miles into Cambodia. Today, Cambodians are still dealing with the consequences of that deadly decision. Bryan was shocked to learn that 40,000 people or one in every 290 Cambodians are amputees from the landmines! Many of these people are children. Bryan committed to the Ambassador that he would do anything in his power to help.

Just a few weeks later, a local university approached Bryan about the Mission Mobility. This non-profit organization provides high-quality, low-cost prostheses to amputees in developing countries. They also establish healthcare for affected individuals and their families. Representatives of the Mission Mobility explained that 30 million people worldwide need prosthetic limbs but only 2% have access to appropriate prosthetic care. Bryan knew he found the answer for his Cambodian friend. He started working with the Mission Mobility to obtain the funding they needed to fulfill their mission.

When Bryan started Sénuvo, he knew the Mission Mobility encompassed the core values that he wanted for Sénuvo—giving, serving and helping those in need. He immediately dedicated a portion of all Sénuvo global sales to the Mission Mobility. That commitment continues today. Every time you purchase a Sénuvo product, a portion of the proceeds will help an amputee in a developing country. That’s Goodness Empowered.